Like A Song When It First Begins

#omfg#it looks like isaac has just hatched or something#and derek is so fucking confused by it#’da fuq is this thing’#’am i its parent now?’#’…. i guess it’s kinda cute’ (via cuallta)


watching this video was the worst decision of my adult life i hate this man and everything that he is i have never felt more straight in my entire fucking life godDAMMIT



They’re supposedly descendants of the five families that settled the Ispwich colony in the 1600’s.

I fucking LOVE this movie

Chloe Sevigny and Steve Buscemi, 1996.

Chloe Sevigny and Steve Buscemi, 1996.


Fangirl Challenge: [1/7] Movies » Bring It On
This is not a democracy, it’s a cheerocracy. I’m sorry, but I’m overruling you.


A moment of silent for everybody whose boobs ruin their graphic tees

Ariana crying while meeting Jim Carrey.


josh peck is literally my favorite person